How do I become a certified SHiNE™ Instructor?

How much does it cost to take the training and/or become a SHiNE™ Instructor?

Are there prerequisites?

What happens after I register for a SHiNE™ Certification Training?

What do I bring to the SHiNE™ Certification Training?

What happens after receiving a SHiNE™ Certificate of Completion; when can I start teaching?

What is the SHiNE™ Instructor Portal?

What is included with the SHiNE™ Instructor Membership?

Where can I teach SHiNE™?

Can I combine SHiNE™ routines with other styles of dance or fitness during a class?

Can I get CEUs for taking the SHiNE™ Certification Training?

Do I have to become a SHiNE™ Instructor if I attend the Certification Training?

What does a typical SHiNE™ Certification Training day look like?